So First Class was created by hairstylist Tammica Simone. Tammica Simone has been a hairstylist for 20+ years specializing in haircare. She has been educating her clients for years on the importance of being proactive when it comes to having a healthy scalp and a head of healthy hair. The key to having hair that flourishes is moisture, eliminating stress, and just taking care of yourself in every aspect of your life. Having healthy, beautiful hair gives you an illuminating amount of confidence that serves you to become your best self. Tammica believes haircare is selfcare.


SFC originally launched in 2017 with an array of products including hair extensions with 5 different textures, closures, frontals and 2 different oils. The demand of all the different products was a lil too much for this mompreneur to handle. She literally wanted to give up and just focus on her family but, unfortunately late 2022 her hair fell out. The crown area was completely bald.


That unfortunate situation prompted her to relaunch as a haircare/selfcare brand offering products to maintain healthy hair, hair growth, and a sense of well being. Being a hairstylist that specialized in haircare that was a very embarrassing time but, it made her realize how other women that may be experiencing something similar and deserved products that gives them the confidence that is need on their hair journey.


So First Class haircare gives you a top tier experience that rejuvenates your scalp, restores your hair, and relax your mind. A healthy scalp + healthy hair is essential to your well being.